Help For Contractors

Special Instructions to the Contractors/Bidders for the e-submission of the bids online through this eProcurement Portal

  1. Bidder should do Online Enrolment in this Portal using the option Online Bidder Enrollment available in the Home Page. Then the Digital Signature enrollment has to be done with the e-token, after logging into the portal. The e-token may be obtained from one of the authorized Certifying Authorities.
  2. Bidder then logs into the portal giving user id / password chosen during enrollment.
  3. The e-token that is registered should be used by the bidder and should not be misused by others.
  4. DSC once mapped to an account cannot be remapped to any other account. It can only be Inactivated.
  5. After downloading / getting the auction schedules, the Bidder should go through them carefully and then submit the documents as per the auction details.
  6. If there are any clarifications, they may be obtained offline through the contact details given in the auction document.
  7. Bidder should take into account of the corrigendum published by the Auction Inviting Authority.
  8. Bidder should arrange for the EMD/Solvency as specified in the auction. The original should be posted/couriered/given in person to the Auction Inviting Authority, within the document submission date and time for the auction.
  9. The details of the Earnest Money Deposit(EMD)/Solvency document submitted physically to the Department and the scanned copies furnished at the time of document submission online should be the same otherwise the bidder will be summarily rejected
  10. The bidders are requested to go through Portal’s Agreement and accepts the same to proceed further to submit the document.
  11. The bidder has to submit the document(s) online well in advance before the prescribed time to avoid any delay or problem during the document submission process.
  12. The bidder has to click on the Send for Approval Button, to ensure that he/she completes the document Submission Process.
  13. At the time of click on Send for Approval Button, the eAuction system will give a successful Auction Bid Acknowledgement message with the bid ID, date & time of submission of the bid with all other relevant details. The documents submitted by the bidders will be digitally signed using the e-token of the bidder and then submitted.
  14. Bidder can check the document approval status from the In-Progress list available on his/her account.
  15. Approved Bidder can view and participate in online live auction on the mentioned auction start date and time through Live Auction tab.
  16. The quoted amount submitted during Live Auction are to be digitally signed.
  17. The bidder may submit the bid documents and participate in the auction online mode only, through this portal. Offline documents will not be handled through this system.
  18. The Auction Inviting Authority will not be held responsible for any sort of delay or the difficulties faced during the submission of document or participation in auction online by the bidders due to local issues.
  19. The time that is displayed from the server clock at the top of the eAuction Portal, will be valid for all actions of requesting document submission, document approval, auction participation etc., in the e-Auction portal. The Time followed in this portal is as per Indian Standard Time (IST) which is GMT+5:30. The bidders should adhere to this time during document submission and live auction participation.
  20. The bidders are requested to submit the document and participate in Auction through online eAuction system as per Server System Clock within the due time.