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1. 2018_MH_2033 Eauction For Financial Year 2018-2019 Daily and weekly Market Collection at Munciple Council Ramtek (excluding meena bazar) fourth call 21-Sep-2018 05:00 PM 21-Sep-2018 05:00 PM
2. 2018_MH_2030 E-Auction of Bhavani Kund Of Municipal Council Tuljapur 19-Sep-2018 02:00 PM 19-Sep-2018 02:00 PM
3. 2018_MoD_328 AUCTION OF ONE MANGO GREEN FALLEN TREE ON ROOF OF MD ACCN. 20-Sep-2018 01:00 PM 20-Sep-2018 02:00 PM
4. 2018_MH_2042 REauction for shop no thirteen 23-Sep-2018 10:15 AM 23-Sep-2018 10:15 AM
5. 2018_MH_2035 REauction for shop fifteen 23-Sep-2018 09:00 AM 23-Sep-2018 09:00 AM
6. 2018_MH_2041 REauction for shop no fourteen 23-Sep-2018 10:00 AM 23-Sep-2018 10:00 AM
7. 2018_MH_2038 REauction for shop no sixteen 23-Sep-2018 09:00 AM 23-Sep-2018 09:00 AM
8. 2018_MH_2037 REauction for vahan tal 23-Sep-2018 09:00 AM 23-Sep-2018 09:00 AM
9. 2018_MH_2043 REauction for papnash 23-Sep-2018 10:45 AM 23-Sep-2018 10:45 AM
10. 2018_AS_9 Auction of Damaged and Scraped Vehicles and Machineries 04-Sep-2018 02:00 PM 04-Sep-2018 02:00 PM
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