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1. 2019_MH_5267 The Old machinery, other vehicles and old Scrap material 05-Nov-2019 12:15 PM 07-Nov-2019 10:00 AM
2. 2019_WB_1526 e-AUCTION NO. MSD/06/2019-20 06-Nov-2019 06:00 PM 06-Nov-2019 06:00 PM
3. 2019_WB_1522 SALE OF UNSERVISIBLLE G.I. WATER TANK AND DIFFERENT MATERIALS 05-Nov-2019 05:00 PM 05-Nov-2019 05:30 PM
4. 2019_WB_1511 HRBC/DYDRPLDN/1/2nd call of 2018-2019 25-Sep-2019 10:00 AM 21-Oct-2019 11:00 AM
5. 2019_MH_5261 Sale of unserviceable,Broken, non-repairable machinery and instruments, wooden, plastic and iron furniture 05-Nov-2019 01:00 PM 05-Nov-2019 01:00 PM
6. 2019_PY_286 WASTE COTTON AUCTION 07-Nov-2019 09:00 AM 07-Nov-2019 09:30 AM
7. 2019_MH_5268 Organizing an online e-Auction from financially sound advertising Firms for grant of Advertising Rights under Outdoor Advertising Media through Kiosks on the Property (Street Light Poles) 06-Nov-2019 05:15 PM 06-Nov-2019 05:15 PM
8. 2019_MH_5271 SANKRUTIK BHAVAN 08-Nov-2019 04:00 PM 08-Nov-2019 04:00 PM
9. 2019_PY_287 E-waste 12-Nov-2019 06:00 PM 13-Nov-2019 09:00 AM
10. 2019_MH_5269 Eauction for the sale of Nashik Municipal Corporations Vehicles 08-Nov-2019 11:00 AM 08-Nov-2019 11:00 AM
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